Ryan Reynolds Promises His Free Guy Will Be ‘Riddled With’ Pop-Culture Easter Eggs


Reynolds: The movie’s got a lot of, like we said, soft focus background. There’s always something pretty amazing happening. I think the movie, for those that do love easter eggs, I don’t think easter eggs are a storytelling pillar, but I do think that easter eggs, especially in 2019 or in this case 2020 when it comes out, are something that audiences love, and I love and appreciate. So the movie will be riddled with Easter eggs.

Levy: When you have the producer, writer, star of Deadpool and the producer of Stranger Things, there is a high quotient of cultural literacy as far as we love popular culture. We like alluding to it and contributing to it. So I will just say that there are some pop-ups and some Easter eggs in Free Guy that are as juicy as anything I’ve ever done in anything.

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