Abomination: Everything To Remember About Tim Roth’s Incredible Hulk Character Ahead Of Shang-Chi


A Dose Of Bruce Banner’s Blood Made Blonsky… An Abomination

Already undergoing some ghastly mutations after his second dose of the Super Soldier Serum (such as a protrusive, stegosaurus-like spine), Emil Blonsky was not satisfied with the “monster” he had already said he felt like. Thus he tracked down Dr. Samuel Sterns – a cellular biologist who developed synthesized copies of Bruce Banner blood while trying to cure him, which Blonsky said he wanted running through his veins. Sterns gave in to the soldier’s demands, which turned him into the “abomination” he warned he might become.

Becoming Abomination made Emily Blonsky faster than he his in superhuman form, strong enough to toss cars around, durable enough to withstand explosions and gunfire at close range, and larger and much more intelligent than a Hulked out Bruce Banner. Not to mention, the retractable spikes lining his spine are pretty badass. His weakness, however, was a god complex that fueled his destructive rampage through the streets of Harlem, which Hulk was not going to let go any further.

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